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WINNME Features

Our features are made out of what we have heard students and educators need!

Our features are easy to use and flexible to fit any learning environment.

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Class Rosters

Make it easy to schedule any student

Educators have access to their current class rosters. This supports an educator's ability to provide RTI, extended learning opportunities, or remediation for proficiency by class or individually.

Fast & Easy

Scheduling is easy to set up

Scheduling in WINNME is fast and easy to do. Educators can book students well in advance, create recurring appointments, or make changes to scheduling that day. Educators can make quick switches for the individual or for a whole group.

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Individual student information is tracked and available

Educators can get the most up to date information about student's past bookings, current classes, attendance record, and future bookings. It is an easy way to track if students are getting the most out of their supports and extended learning opportunities.


WINNME allows educators to make this work for them

Educators can make flexible groupings of students. Have a club you would like to meet? Educators can create and update different groupings of students and easily book them all at once! Educators can add a note to their bookings to help them and the students remember why the appointment was made. An email can even be sent so students know exactly what their appointments are for the day and week.

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