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More About Us

WINNME was built by high school mathematics and computer science teacher Jeffery Borland in response to a need at the high school he works at in Portland Maine. The school  had created a 45 minute block in the day called, What I Need Now. The goal was simple: to provide students and educators a time for remediation, RTI, and enrichment. In a school with over 900 students, a system was needed to ensure students and educators were getting the most out of this time. Born was WINNME. A flexible, digital, pass system that allowed educators to book students for the content and skills where they needed more practice or wanted to excel. Helen Bright joined the team when Jeff shared this with the staff. A social studies teacher, Helen loved using the platform to finish up mock trials, invite in guest speakers, remediate work to proficiency, and go on field trips. Together, the two have worked on developing a platform that is easy for educators to book students, take attendance, and track data

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